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Yaia Water Filtration System | Houston, TX

Like many homeowners you may have already done a fair amount of research on the best water filtration system in Houston. Well let us teach you why the Yaia water system reigns supreme over the competition.

That is to offer products that deliver the
freshest, cleanest and healthiest water possible.

Clean Water is a Necessity for Everyone

“Clean and safe drinking water is critical to sustaining human life, and without it, water-borne illness can be a serious problem.” (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

We all know that water is an abundant resource on Earth, but a steady supply of clean, uncontaminated water for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing is not always available. Therefore, there is an increasing awareness and need for products such as home water purification and filtration systems.

Yaia Water Systems (Yaia) is the next generation in the water purification and filtration industry in Houston, TX. We are a water system provider, not a bottled water dealer. We have developed a comprehensive line of high-performance water treatment products to efficiently treat and condition your water supply to enhance and promote a healthy lifestyle.

How The Yaia Water System Helps

The key to proper water filtration is leaving in what nature intended to be there and removing man-made chemicals. Reverse Osmosis technology is sold like a magic bullet because it removes everything. The problem is the result is great for a Lab but very unhealthy to drink.

In post RO water the pH is 5 to 5.5 when it has to be 6.5-7.5 to be beneficial to humans. The naturally occurring minerals that are vital to cellular health are also removed. If your body is lacking in minerals you cells die off. This is important because its what helps your body fight disease. The TDS – Total Dissolved Solids ranging from 100 to 300 are also key in post filtered water being beneficial. These are facts from a decade-long study performed by the WHO – World Health Organization from the 1970’s to 1980’s. They had 11,000 commercial installations of RO systems and were concerned they were preventing death but creating chronic illness.

Natures Fuel is designed to remove the harmful chemicals and leave in natures best our bodies need to thrive and grow.

Why Choose Us?

Great Innovation: It all starts with YAIA’s exclusive, state-of-the-art 8 stage filtration technology, which provides your family with the healthiest and cleanest water, right from your kitchen tap.

Bacteria Removal: Our proprietary filter system removes 99% of bacteria and viruses, preventing the spread of water-borne diseases while delivering better tasting, and much cleaner water in your home.

What makes “Nature’s Fuel” Special? Only YAIA Water Systems offers eight-stage filtration technology that has been tested and certified under medical equipment performance standards (USP Class VI & Endotoxins) for in-home use. And it reduces sand, sediment, and debris up to 5 microns (smaller than the width of a human hair).

Advanced Technology: Our exclusive 8-stage, granular-activated carbon (GAC) filtration uses a high-grade coconut shell catalytic media, which is the only carbon capable of removing Chloramines at standard flow rates.

Excellent Customer Service: We pride ourselves on providing the best in-home water filtration systems available in today’s market.

Yaia Water's “Nature's Fuel” vs Reverse Osmosis

It is crucial that the homeowner understands the differences between the various water systems being that are currently on the market. Knowledge of what contaminants are being removed, and what essential nutrients are being preserved is key to understanding the differences between our Nature’s Fuel System and every other water filter system.

Up until recently, water filtration technology was limited mainly to reverse-osmosis systems that, while successful at removing bacteria and viruses, the process also removes many natural mineral compounds that are essential to healthy living, like calcium and magnesium.

To illustrate the key differences between YAIA Water Systems “Nature’s Fuel” filtration and the reverse osmosis process, we have created a comparison chart between the two.

Drinking Water System Comparison

Notice not only the list of the critical contaminants that YAIA Water Systems Nature’s Fuel removes but what our eight-stage filtration system leaves untouched, as opposed to the ROS systems. Nature’s Fuel retains all the calcium and magnesium deposits that occur naturally in your water, while maintaining a proper pH balance of 6.5pH.