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Welcome to Yaia Water Systems (Yaia), your best choice in home water purification and filtration systems in Houston, TX. Continue reading to learn why you need the Yaia water filtration system and how it can improve your health.

That is to offer products that deliver the
freshest, cleanest and healthiest water possible.

The Story of Yaia Water:

Born in Houston, Texas. Yaia Water Products were created out of sheer desperation. The principle’s father, a dentist for over 40 years, became ill and his doctor advised him not to drink or bath in Houston water. This request was disturbing, confusing and made no sense. The city mails out letters frequently about how they meet and exceed EPA guidelines. With his father’s health continuing to degrade he began to investigate the problems and look for a solution.

The investigation began with known water treatment companies to get help in understanding the problems and figuring out technology solutions. He quickly became frustrated as he learned they lacked the technical education, skills, knowledge to fix this complex problem. They all have something to sell but don’t understand water chemistry. Motivated to get real answers, he employed the assistance of a microbiologist, biochemist Ph.D. to look into the water contaminates and what technology would produce clean and purified water. Through this we also found out an independent five-year study comparing the 100 largest cities in America, Houston ranked 95th for having the most contaminated water. This effort required 25 months, hundreds of thousands of dollars in research and testing to create multiple products that truly produce purified Healthy Water from Houston’s Tap. Regrettably, his father passed before the system was completed. The technology that has been created by his company, is a solution people trust that provides the best quality, best tasting purified water in America.

With bottled water consumers growing from 30% to 45% in 2015, and cola drinkers dropping proportionately, prices beginning to exceed gasoline, the market continues to explode as consumers seek healthier lifestyles.

Unfortunately, enormous brand names and massive advertising budgets, with no industry regulation, don’t deliver a truly purified result to consumers as promised, according to lab test results. Yaia’s company slogan is,”Lab tested Money-Back performance guarantee, After Installation.” Inspired by his father’s need for a real solution, not just an empty promise, Yaia’s, Nature’s perfect body Fuel was born and is available to you for less than the cost of bottled water. Call Yaia today and experience Nature’s Fuel and begin a truly healthier lifestyle!